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"Dr. Blessing doesn’t dole out advice on how to get your child to clean up his or her room. Instead, she takes an out-of-the box view on how to connect with your child through practicing gratitude and by staying in the “now” of your kids. It is a must read that should be on the book shelf of first time and long time parents alike.”

"An uniquely measured approach to parenting not seen in the average book.” – Mervin Low, MD

Meet Dr. Blessing

Dr, Blessing Akpofure, MD prefers to be called Dr. Blessing, and the name is spot on for the people she has helped! She received her MD degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine after earning a B.Sc in biology and a minor in child psychology from George Washington University in Washington DC. Upon graduating from medical school, she spent a year at The Martin Luther King/Charles Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles as an intern in trauma/ general surgery.  She completed residency training in anesthesiology at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida.



One of the privileges that I enjoyed as a physician is the ability to be of influence to many.

That is not something that is automatically granted, it is earned. In any relationship, there is a certain degree of influencing that happens, good or bad. How we become cognizant of the influence we have on others and steer it positively comes from being conscientious.


The Brian Tracy Show

In this interview, Dr. Blessing MD., shares her passion and personal journey toward wellness. Dr. Blessing has a true passion for functional medicine (medicine that works for your lifestyle). She believes the body can best be supported in healing itself through natural cleansing and lifestyle modification, then add in medicine if needed.

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