16 Types of Personality

We see and interact with many people in our lives, every single people we meet may have different personalities, or, some may share major personality traits. That is not a coincidence, as in the Myer and Briggs theory of personalities, there are 16 types of personalities, made up of 8 basic personality traits.

Here is a summary of all the personality types:


It is very clear that ISTJs are systematic and dependable; when it comes to their work, they enjoy working in and under clear systems, and with straightforward processes, being generally traditional, task-driven and are decisive when it comes to decision making.

Being conscientious, realistic, while also being reserved and systematic at the same time. They have clear life goals, realistic deadline and love to work factually, with realistic data, and they also clear problem solving methods, which are on-par and to the point.


While being patient individuals, ISFJs love to apply common sense and mental power along with experience to solve problems for themselves and for other people. ISFJs are loyal, traditional and love serving other’s in need by offering practical help.

ISFJs are also organized and very practical; loyalty and dependability are also characteristics of ISFJs. They are also patient.


Typical characteristics of INFJ are that they love finding a “shared” vision for everyone, and love to inspire others, constantly finding ways to achieve their vision. Typically compassionate, they are idealistic and very imaginative.

Essentially being visionaries, they are both reserved and very sensitive, they have future plans and visions which drive them forward consistently.


People with INTJ personalities are able to define a long term plan for almost every aspect, whether it is their own lives, work, or a project, their vision can devise innovative solution and their intellect can make even the most complex problems seem easy.

Having a strategic mind, they are conceptual and innovative, logical as well as independent. They may be quite demanding in certain aspects buy are very reflective.


Having a knack for learning and perfecting their craft, or any new practice they are involving in, they have patience which makes them perfect In managing crisis. They have quick deciding power which helps them solve their problems.

They are typically analytical, practical, realistic and logical, with a great bit of adaptability which makes them great at a lot of the aspects in life, in relationships, in work, in studies and so on.


People with the ISFP type are practical individuals, they have a knack to help others and provide services which help bring people together, facilitating them and encouraging deep mutual understanding and cooperation.

Typically modest and adaptable, they are also quite gentle and loyal people. Because of this, they are great at working to solve their problems in groups.


INFP people enjoy creating solutions which are creative and clever, the solutions they provide to problems are very new and up to the task. They have a knack for making morally obligating commitments and love helping others, and can do everything to fulfil their commitments.

They are also quite flexible, spontaneous but also reflective, while also being developmental and imaginative in almost all aspects of their life.


INTP people are strategic thinks which are likely to be able to bring very conceptual models which help understand complex and analysis heavy problems. They also like adopting a detached and to the point way of analyzing the world; because of this, they can often uncover a few new innovative approaches.


ESTP people love motivating others by bringing energy into situations, they apply comment sense and experience to solve problems, quickly analyzing what the problem is and quickly finding a solution to it. They are also quite inventive and resourceful when it comes to problem solving.


ESFP people are often quite adaptable, talkative and friendly. They find reasons to enjoy life and love being around people, this personality type enjoys group working and experiencing new situations. Because of this, they are often found conflicted with boring mundane tasks and enjoyment, especially in repetitive tasks.


ENFP people love moving quickly from one object to a completely new one; they are willing to consider every single possible solution to a certain problem and create multiple, effective problems for them. Because of their high levels of energy, they love meeting new people and having new experiences.


ENTPs love solving their problems creativity, they are innovative and put new ways of thinking forward; they also love seeing connections, and patterns within a certain system, and enjoy developing a strategic, advanced system for problem solving. They are also quite decisive and will act on a new opportunity once it knocks on their door.


ESTJs are themselves driven, they will give themselves the strength to reach forward towards their goals; for them, organizing people and resources in order to achieve a goal is important and they will work hard for it. With an extensive network of contacts, they are willing to make tough decisions when necessary; they also value competence highly.

ESFJ ESFJs are quite sociable and outgoing, with understandings about other’s needs and love expressing appreciation for whatever they contribute. They love collecting the proper facts and figures which help them make a decision and enjoy setting up effective procedures for an execution of task.


ESFJs have the ability to get the most out of teamwork, by working closely with them. Making decisions which take into account the wishes of others into account. They over building consensus and love inspiring others as leaders.


ENTJs always see the bigger picture and love thinking strategically about the future. They are able to efficiently collect a group of people and create resources in a meaningful manner in order to accomplish long-term and shorter term goals. They are also comfortable with taking leadership over others.

If you get the results back for your test and you are one of the following times, keep in mind that you can have self-improvement in order to create a much better version for yourself, adopting things which you lack and leaving bad habits which you do have.

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