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Myers-Briggs personality types

Myers-Briggs personality types is an inventory of certain personality type; it is a theory where certain traits join together to form psychological types; the purpose of this theory is to relate the disorderly, and the random variations in personalities and correlate them with orderly traits, which generally define the personality of a person. "Perception involves all the ways of becoming aware of things, people, happenings, or ideas. Judgment involves all the ways of coming to conclusions about what has been perceived. If people differ systematically in what they perceive and in how they reach conclusions, then it is only reasonable for them to differ correspondingly in their interests, reactions, values, motivations, and skills." There are many types of personalities, some people may be ISFJ, INFJ, INTJ, while others may be ISTJ etc. Ever wonder what the actual meaning of these letters is? E,I,N,J,P,F,T,S are the basic personality traits, combinations of these individual traits make up a generalized larger trait like the ones mentioned above. Starting individually with each letter, we will discuss their general behaviors, feelings and more.

N Personality Trait When it comes to individuals who have this particular personality trait, their preferences rely greatly on their own imaginations, possibilities and ideas. They are dreamers, who fantasize about things and question why those things are, and for what reasons, what happens and why do they happen. This makes them feel slightly detached from the concrete, world. Because of such a feeling, these personality traits feel as if they truly don’t belong in this world. People with the N trait observe people, events, and things, but their own minds are always directed somewhere else, somewhere which is inwards, inside their own bodies and souls. Thinking, questioning, open-mindedness are the key-points they have, and relying on constant self-improvement is important for these personality trait holders.

S Personality Trait The S personality trait stands for Sensing or observant. People who have this specific trait, focus on the actual world and things which happen around them, enjoying touching, feeling, experiencing and seeing, they leave possibilities and theories to others, and actually do it, focus on the present and such. Because of their specific set of ideas and ideologies, these people are better at dealing with the facts and figures of the world, find tools and objects which help them brainstorm possibilities and future events, and are also better at handling abstract theories better. This allows them to be a lot more vivid and full of energy, and love juggling around with their energies and at time, bursting with it.

I personality Trait People with the I personality trait are more introvert. For people with this personality trait, are sensitive and are constantly looking for an escape in the form of some stimuli, in order to be completely functional. Unlike the extrovert personality type, they can easily exhaust their mental reserves for a certain social situation, which makes them easily tired and annoyed in a social gathering, because they look and yearn for solitude, peace and quiet. For introverts, they truly love simplicity, minimalism, and are sensitive to loud noise, bright colors and the environment. Neither do they require any external stimulation or communication for a large part. They also have hobbies, which provide them with a form of stimulation; such as having political attitudes, eating, drinking habits, hobbies and such. They are often times imaginative yet misunderstood, loving yet never trusted.

E Personality Trait The E personality type or extrovert is influential, it is a personality trait which refers to a person’s influence on others. People with this personality type are no way afraid of being the center of attention, being enthusiastic, talkative, optimistic and persuasive, emotional and impulsive. Trust comes naturally to people with this personality trait, they are comfortable around others, and love working in teams; this allows them to be influencers, who love to be around people. E type trait holders are also very great at solving problems, they are out-of-the-box thinkers who give courage, motivation, aspirations and inspirations to others and are always at the head of the team, whether or not they are leading them.

T Personality Trait People who have the Thinking or T trait, generally seem to seek logic and rationality. This is something you can see in their arguments, they tend to rely on their head more often than their hearts; safeguarding their options, and using an invisible barrier which shields them from the outside world. This may be true that they are rational and think logically, but they are in no way cold-blooded; people with the thinking trait are often just as emotional as people with the F or Feeling trait, but they tend to override their own systems and present their feelings in a logical, and rational form.

F Personality Trait Individuals who have the F or Feeling trait, tend to follow their hearts more and are openly emotional, and care very little about hiding them. When asked, they also believe that people shouldn’t hide their emotions, and should not be afraid of showing their innermost thoughts and feelings to other people, and with the world. Being very compassionate, emotional and very sensitive, they would easily cooperate rather than compete with anybody; these types are often easily swayed as it is in their nature to be as such. But, if they have a stern belief in something, they will fight with tooth and nail for their beliefs.

J Personality Trait For people with the J or Judging personality trait don’t like to keep their opinions on the market, instead, they come up with different emergency plans instead of just dealing with challenges as they hit them one at a time. Because of this, when they see a flow, they rather follow their paths and plans instead of going with the flow, or head first into things. They always have a mental checklist which helps them keep in balance, and whenever something is completed, they cross it off the list. J trait holders put their duties and responsibility above all else, and are often much more strict when it comes to law and order as well.

P Personality Trait P Personality trait stands for perceiving or prospecting, people with this trait tend to focus more on things which make them happy, instead of things which their parents, teachers or employers expect from them, or want them to do. If a task is interesting, a person with the P personality trait will easily and securely come up with a solution quickly; compared to something which is dull and mundane, they will try to stall and avoid trying to solve it, or come with ideas for it.

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