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My Philosophy

This journey started with a zit on my forehead that would not go away. At least I thought it was a zit. I had it biopsied and the result was inconclusive, granulomatous?

Maybe lupus, so, let's try this. My attitude was simply, "we are not trying anything until we are sure". There was chronic inflammation and maybe an autoimmune issue. Blood tests were always negative. Physically there was inflammation. Over the years, the lesions got bigger and itched. They also looked like I was a burn victim or got road rash.  So began the journey of trying to find the cause and treatment.  


Somewhere along the way, I noticed that if I detoxed, the lesions looked better and flare ups were less. So I did the green drink detox for 3 months, things got better but then the green drink lifestyle began to suck real bad and food become boring.


Next came the raw food lifestyle. When you are a busy professional with a young child, raw food lifestyle can be impractical. Next came the Apitherapy or bee sting therapy. After 4 months of regular once a week treatment, I had my last treatment. My last, because during that treatment, I almost went into full blown anaphylactic shock. I fortunately knew the signs and symptoms of reaction and spoke up very early and Dr. Zhou gave me an antidote right away.


 Oh yeah, by the way I also tried acupuncture. I was just too uptight and too much of a type A personality to relax through acupuncture. Instead of relaxing during treatment, I would lay there and think of the 20 million things that I had to do as soon as "I got out of prison", yep sad. I also tried cold laser light therapy, it did slow the progression of the symptoms.


Somewhere in the process of coming up with a plausible diagnosis, I had the epiphany that it was related to my diet, because certain foods made me hurt more till I was almost afraid to eat. Then came the questionable diagnosis of leaky gut syndrome. I did the leaky gut regime, symptoms got better, just not fast enough.


The light bulb finally went off, when I would get bloated from just drinking water. Then it hit me, there was some enzyme deficiency .


When you put things out to the universe, you do get answers. In the process of my research, I learned that most of the ailments that people encounter are a result of some derangement in the body's inflammatory response.

Here's to your health and prosperity. When you have great health, prosperity is easier to conceive. My intention for you is to take credit, responsibility and ownership of your stuff because you are worth it and you love you. Selfish is not bad, self-centered is an entirely different story.   May all your positive vibes come true. You are on the planet for a beneficial purpose.


I am grateful for the opportunity to be a beneficial presence on this planet.


Dr. Blessing

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